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The Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation (ILCC) is dedicated to the pursuit of basic and applied research on computational approaches to language, communication, and cognition.

Project: Automated Recognition of Concurrent Discourse Relations.

Bonnie Webber, Hannah Rohde

This project focuses on the fact that discourse adverbials (instead, after all...) often express not only their own discourse relations but also the relations that would typically be expressed by discourse conjunctions (but, so...). The fact that these adverbials express two relations concurrently goes contrary to the conventional notion that a single discourse marker would convey a single relationship. The ability to recognize and interpret concurrent relations is important for accuracy in tasks such as translation, summarization, and question answering. The project will create a corpus as basis for future research, a tagging system and a test on cross-domain performance.

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100 years ago nobody would have imagined that it may make sense to talk to machines. Today, in the days of speech recognition and speech synthesis to be found in cars, computers, phones and many other devices this is already normal. But it doesn't stop there.

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