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The Natural Language and Dialogue Systems


The Natural Language and Dialogue Systems (NLDS) Labat the University of California, Santa Cruz focuses on computational modeling of dialogue and dynamic adaptation of system dialogue behavior in three areas: spoken dialogue systems, dialogue in online chat forums and debates, and dialogue in games, particularly serious games in health and education.

Project: Learning Generation Dictionaries for Dialogue Interaction

Marilyn Walker

Recently there has been an explosion in applications for dialogue interaction ranging from direction-giving and tourist information to interactive story systems. Yet the natural language generation (NLG) component of most interactive dialogue systems remains largely handcrafted. This limitation greatly restricts the range of applications for dialogic interaction. The project proposes that a solution to this problem lies in new methods for developing language generation resources for new domains by automatically learning new ways to express system dialogue goals.

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100 years ago nobody would have imagined that it may make sense to talk to machines. Today, in the days of speech recognition and speech synthesis to be found in cars, computers, phones and many other devices this is already normal. But it doesn't stop there.

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